Communicative English grammar teaching to High School learners in Vietnam



    In Vietnamese high schools, English is mainly delivered in grammar translation method to ameliorate student achievement in grammar-oriented examinations. In a long term, students suffer from fatigue and failure to communicate properly. This research aimed to apply the communicative approach in grammar teaching to improve students' communicative competence and enhance their interest in grammar lessons. To obtain the above targets, a conceptual framework of studying grammar was shaped with the view that grammar should be studied in a context. The study employed reflective approach as the main research design and quantitative approach as a supplementary method. A teaching program with four trialed grammar lessons was implemented in TNH High School, Vietnam and data were collected from two instruments of observation and questionnaire. The findings showed that the students' communicative competence and interest in the grammar lessons were significantly enhanced. The research outcomes were then translated into several recommendations to improve the quality of grammar teaching and learning at high schools in Vietnam.