Vietnam Social Sciences, S. 4 (2015)

Cỡ chữ:  Nhỏ  Vừa  Lớn

System of the Paleolithic Locations in the Upper Ba River


Tóm tắt

    In the season of fieldwork in 2013 - 2014, the archaeologists discovered and preliminary studied 13 paleolithic sites at Kbang, Đắk Pơ districts and An Khê town in the Highlands area of the Ba River, Gia Lai province.

Five of these sites have been considered to be from the early/middle Paleolithic, which are Gò Đá, Rộc Tưng, Rộc Hương, Rộc Giáo and Rộc Lớn. The stone artifacts found from these sites lied in the setiment layers of the middle Pleistocene. Most of them were mainly made of quarts and the others were made of quartzite, with typical forms of handaxes, bifaces and pointed tools. The anticipated dates are within 30,000 BP - 80,000 BP.

In addition, in this Paleolithic system, there are othe sides considered to be late Paleolithic such as Roh Village, Lợk Village, Village 3, Tư Lương, Soi Tre, Ong Dú, An Phong, Village 2. The collections of the stone artifacts found from these sites lied in indistinct layers and they include end-choppers, side-choppers, scrapers, pointed tools, etc., similar to the tools from the Sơn Vi industry in North Vietnam.  

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