Vietnam Social Sciences, S. 6 (2017)

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Economic Institutional Renovation in Vietnam


Tóm tắt

The declining economic growth rate and increasing difficulties and uncertainties in the economy have forced Vietnam to accelerate the process of restructuring and renovating the economic growth model. At the same time, human resources and infrastructure development, and institutional renovation are also considered strategic breakthroughs to be implemented. However, institutional renovation has, in reality, not been seen as a core area, which should be prioritised. Institutional renovation and completion have been slow, often inclined to incomprehensive renovation in the ​​economic institutional area. Even within the scope, the effective and consistent establishment and enforcement of asset ownership rights have not received much attention. These are the reasons why the process of restructuring and renovating the model of economic growth in Vietnam has been taking place not as expected.

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Vietnam Social Sciences, ISSN: 1013-4328