Authentication test of seasoning food materials made from turmeric using real-time PCR

  • Alfi Sophian
  • Ratna Purwaningsih

Tóm tắt

The authentication test for spices made from turmeric using real-time. This study aimed to determine whether the spice ingredients claimed to be made from turmeric actually contain turmeric, as asserted by the product. The sample set consisted of 10 types of spices based on turmeric, which were obtained from various supermarkets. The research employed real-time PCR analysis using the SYBR Green method as the chosen approach. Data analysis was performed based on Ct analysis and Tm analysis. The measurement of DNA purity and concentration resulted in a DNA concentration value of 56.205 and a DNA purity value of 2.302, measured at a wavelength of A260/A280. The real-time PCR analysis yielded Ct values ranging from 15.20 to 15.83 with an average of 15.50, and Tm values ranging from 78.70 to 89.00 with an average of 78.83. Based on these data, it can be concluded that the ready-to-use spice products, claimed to be made from genuine turmeric, indeed contain turmeric, as supported by the results of real-time PCR amplification.

Tác giả

Alfi Sophian

National Food and Drug Testing Development Center, Food and Drug Monitoring Agency, Indonesia

Ratna Purwaningsih

Directorate of Processed Food Production Supervision, Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, Indonesia

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