Exploring parent’s role, involvement and challenges in the most critical stage of their children’s development

  • Joemar T. Miñoza
  • Mayeth S. Elloran

Tóm tắt

The role and involvement of the parents towards their children’s education are indispensable, especially in the formative years. Nowadays, these crucial roles and involvement have been confronted by the uprising economic constraints in the Philippines, especially in the rural areas. Furthermore, empirical literature reported decreasing parental involvement.  Hence, the study aims to explore parent’s role, involvement, and challenges in the education of their children in the formative years. This study used a qualitative method of research employing a phenomenological method of investigation to gather necessary data through an interview guide from 8 informants who were purposively chosen. Three major themes were elicited: Parents’ role as Replica, Guide, and Provider; Limited involvement due to educational attainment, poverty, and livelihood; and Parents’ involvement as an immense factor in children’s success, which implies that parents were fully aware of their respective roles and that poverty, educational attainment, and their livelihood are the key factors affecting their roles. It was further revealed that despite financial challenges, informants were still having a positive attitude towards the value of education in the success of their children. It is concluded that informants are well aware of their respective roles and involvement in the education of their parents leading them to have a positive attitude on the value of education for their children. It is recommended that extension or cause-oriented programs be conceptualized to help parents in performing their respective crucial roles.

Tác giả

Joemar T. Miñoza

Cebu Technological University - Tuburan, Cebu City, Philippines

Mayeth S. Elloran

Cebu Technological University - Tuburan, Cebu City, Philippines

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