Improving English proficiency in Southern Thailand’s public junior high schools using local video resources

  • Thitiphong Ketamon
  • Hakim Sudinpreeda

Tóm tắt

This classroom-based research investigates the impact of local resource video clips on the learning achievements of English vocabulary, sentence structure, and conversion skills among junior high school students at Bangklam Wittaya Rajamangalapisek School, Thailand. A purposive sample of 35 students in the second semester of the 2022 academic year participated in the study. The research employed pre-test and post-test exams, lesson plans, and a survey to assess the level of satisfaction with the implementation of the local resource video clips, specifically a series of pottery-making videos. Descriptive statistics, including percentages, means, standard deviations, maximum, and paired sample t-tests, were employed for data analysis. The findings revealed a statistically significant improvement (p < 0.05) in students’ learning achievements in English vocabulary, sentence structure, and conversion skills after incorporating the local resource video clips into the teaching process. Specifically, students demonstrated a notable increase in their language proficiency. Moreover, the learners expressed high satisfaction with the use of these video clips for language learning, as indicated by a mean satisfaction rating of 3.76. This satisfaction underscores the effectiveness and acceptability of integrating local resource video clips into language education. Based on the results, integrating local resource video clips, particularly the pottery-making series, with the core teaching materials in English classes is recommended to further enhance students’ English language skills. This study contributes valuable insights into effective pedagogical strategies to optimize language learning outcomes in similar educational settings and underscores the positive impact of multimedia resources in language education.

Tác giả

Thitiphong Ketamon

Hatyai University, Songkhla, Thailand

Hakim Sudinpreeda

Hatyai University, Songkhla, Thailand

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