Celebrity endorsement and purchase intention: The case of Toyota Vios in Vietnam

  • Ha Minh Tri
Từ khóa: attractiveness; celebrity endorsement; credibility; expression power; imitation behaviors; product-image match; purchasing intention; peer influence; self-satisfaction

Tóm tắt

This study investigates how celebrity characteristics (including credibility, attractiveness, product-image match), personal characteristics (including self - satisfaction and expression power), and social characteristics (including peer influence) influence consumer purchasing behavior via imitation behavior in the case Toyota Vios brand. A questionnaire-based survey of 306 respondents across Vietnam was conducted using convenience and snowball sampling methods. Online and face-to-face interviews were conducted. A structural equation modelling approach was used to analyze the data. The results show that the three celebrity characteristics, personal characteristics, and social characteristics have a significant impact on the consumer’s intention to purchase through imitation behavior. Practical implications were provided to assist companies in improving their performance.
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