The influence of memorable tourism experience to revisit intention of domestic tourists: A case study for Danang City, Vietnam

  • Pham Thi Lan Huong
  • Truong Thi Van Anh
  • Truong Dinh Quoc Bao
Từ khóa: destination experience; domestic tourists; memorable tourism experience; revisit intention; Vietnam

Tóm tắt

The present study examines the effects of dimensions of Memorable Tourism Experience (MTE) scale on domestic tourists’ revisit intention to Danang tourist destination. An online survey of 309 tourists who has visited Danang for data analysis. The structural equation model is applied to investigate the relationships between MTE’s dimensions and tourist’s revisit intention. The results show that four dimensions of MTE (Novelty, Involvement, Hedonism, and Local Culture) have significant positive relationships with domestic tourists’ revisit intention. In contrast, Knowledge is found to affect tourists’ revisit intention negatively. Overall, the study contributes to the literature on memorable tourism experiences by offering theoretical and empirical evidence about interrelationships between the dimensions of memorable tourism experiences and tourists’ revisit intention. The results from this paper provide suggestions for enhancing memorable tourism experiences and encouraging tourists to return to Danang. Future studies should replicate the study in diverse samples such as geographic regions participants with different travel motives. Besides, future research should include destination attributes since tourists’ perceptions of the destination after the trip are based on on-site experiences and determine memorable tourism experiences.
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