Perception of e-wallets as the mode of payment for online enrollment in Marinduque State College

  • Ryan Clifford L. Perez

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The advancement of finance and technology in what is commonly referred to as Fintech has introduced an opportunity for many business models in the new normal which provides ease of conducting money-related transactions amongst consumers, retailers, suppliers, and society as a whole. One of the most commonly used FinTech is the electronic wallets (e-wallets); a cashless electronic payment system. E-wallets provide the user the services and access to accomplish financial transactions and digital payments quickly that only require the application of smartphones and Internet connectivity. However, there are many perceptions about the application of e-wallets, particularly in e-money-related transactions such as in school enrolment, and would still prefer the use of money in physical form. Therefore, this paper aims to analyze the perceptions among the students from Marinduque State College that contributes to the use of e-wallet as the mode of payment for school enrolment and transactions through the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) using Perceived Ease of Use (PEU), Perceived Usefulness (PU) Perceived Convenience (PC), Willingness (W) and Behavioral Intention (BI) as the main variables. To reach the objective, a sample size of at least 267 respondents was identified. The questionnaires were sent to 600 students to accommodate possible non-response which are students from the Institute of Information Systems and Technology (IIST) Marinduque State College, and a quantitative approach was applied to examine and test the hypothesis. The study finding shows that Perceived Usefulness (PU) and Willingness (W) have a positive significant effect on the Behavioral Intention (BI) to use an e-wallet as the mode of payment. In contrast, Perceived Convenience (PC) and Perceived Ease of Use (PEU) have no positive significant effect on the Behavioral Intention (BI) to use an e-wallet.

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Ryan Clifford L. Perez

Institute of Information Systems and Technology, Marinduque State College, Marinduque, Philippines

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