Influence of the designing parameters on the profile slippage and flow of the Roots blower

  • Nguyen Hong Thai
  • Tran Ngoc Tien

Tóm tắt

Nowadays, revolutionary development of industry in general and of manufacturing technology in particular allows to fabricate product with more complex shapes and structures. This is a reason why high-pressure Roots blowers have been designed with improved and more complicated profile. In this paper, the authors report the influence of the designing parameters on the profile slippage as well as on the flow of the type of Roots blowers, of which the profile has been generated by a fixed point of an ellipse rolling on the circle of the instantaneous centers. This work also helps to point out that the designer should select appropriate ratio between semi major axis and semi minor axis in order to reach equivalent wears of the two pump rotors, to obtain the optimal flow and to maintain minimum radial dimension.

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