Development of a non-rotating wind turbine emulator

  • Phan Quoc Dung
  • To Huu Phuc
  • To Dinh Du
  • Pham Ngoc Thang

Tóm tắt

A Wind Turbine Emulator (WTE) is a equipment which closely imitates the dynamic characteristics of a wind turbine. It is developed for testing the performance and control algorithm power converter of a wind energy conversion system in a lab. The structure of this emulator is usually built on the basis of a rotating system which consists of two electrical machines coupling together. In this paper, the development of a non-rotating WTE is presented. The proposed WTE is built using hardware-in-the-loop method implemented on the dSPACE 1103 system and a buck converter. Experimental setup and results are shown to verify the validation of the proposed system.

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