Nghiên cứu thiết kế bộ điều khiển và xây dựng giải thuật điều khiển cho robot 6 bậc tự do ứng dụng trong đào tạo

  • Phùng Trí Công
  • Nguyễn Tấn Tiến
  • Nguyễn Tấn Đạt
  • Nguyễn Ngọc Sơn
Từ khóa: robot công nghiệp, bộ điều khiển, giải thuật điều khiển, bám quỹ đạo, gắp vật

Tóm tắt

This paper proposes a method of designing controller and building control algorithms for an industrial robot to establish laboratory lectures for education. The robot is used in this paper is SV3X robot, a product of MOTOMAN. In this research, we present how to design and manufacture a controller for an old robot. After that, we propose labortory lectures based on this controller. A new graphic user interface (GUI) is also built based on C# language. Next, we propose algorithms that can be done. Two algorithms suggested were controlling robot to follow a desired trajectory and controlling robot to grasp a know object from started point to goal point. Finally, these algorithms are verified by experiments. Repeatability of robot is also checked.

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