Cải thiện chỉ tiêu SARFIX cho lưới phân phối sử dụng thiết bị điều áp động có xét đến giới hạn dòng điện

  • Bạch Quốc Khánh

Tóm tắt

The paper introduces a new method for optimizing the placement of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer-DVR for voltage sag mitigation in distribution systems. The location of DVR is optimally selected on the basis of minimizing the system average RMS variation frequency index – SARFIX of the system of interest. The problem of optimization is introduced where the modeling of DVR using Norton’s equivalent circuit in short-circuit calculation and voltage sag calculation using the Thevenin’s superposition principle are combined for determining the objective function which is the SARFIX of the system with the presence of one DVR. The DVR’s effectiveness of system voltage sag mitigation is considered in the case of a given maximum current generated by DVR. The paper uses the IEEE 33-buses distribution feeder as the test system for voltage sag simulation and influential parameters to the outcomes of the problem of optimization are considered and discussed.


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