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  • Lê Duy Phúc
  • Bùi Minh Dương
  • , Đoàn Ngọc Minh
  • Huỳnh Công Phúc
  • , Đỗ Minh Hải

Tóm tắt

The smart grid model has been determined in recent years, which is included the smart distribution network field. The application of self-healing technology in the smart distribution network is one of the most important problems needed to be solved to enhance the reliability indexes of implemented areas. When a fault occurs, FLISR tool will quickly detect and locate the fault segments accurately before implementing calculation, analysis and proposing isolation and service restoration plans which minimize the amount of lost power or outaged customers at power supply interrupted areas. This research proposes a method based on fault indicated signals from FTU, FI that can help FLISR tool quickly detect and locate the fault segments within a short-time process. Then, the FLISR tool will analyzes, evaluates and ranks the isolation and service restoration plans based on two main constraints included: restoring the possible maximum number of out-of-service loads; and (ii) limiting the minimum number of switching operation. An experimental result is used to validate the FLISR approach proposed for a real 22kV distribution network.

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