Improved error of electromagnetic shielding problems by a two-process coupling subproblem technique

  • Vuong Quoc Dang

Tóm tắt

Introduction: The direct application of the classical finite element method for dealing with magneto dynamic problems consisting of thin regions is extremely difficult or even not possible. Many authors have been recently developed a thin shell model to overcome this drawback. However, this development generally neglects inaccuracies around edges and corners of the thin shell, which leads to inaccuracies of the magnetic fields, eddy currents, and joule power losses, especially increasing with the thickness.

Methods: In this article, we propose a two-process coupling subproblem technique for improving the errors that overcome thin shell assumptions. This technique is based on the subproblem method to couple SPs in two-processes. The first scenario is an initial problem solved with coils/stranded inductors together with thin region models. The obtained solutions are then considered as volume sources for the second scenario, including actual volume improvements that scope with the thin shell assumptions. The final solution is, to sum up, the subproblem solutions achieved from both scenarios. The extended method is approached for the h-conformal magnetic formulation.

Results: The obtained results of the method are checked/compared to be close to the reference solutions computed from the classical finite element method and the measured results. This can be pointed out in a very good agreement.

Conclusion: The extended method has also been successfully applied to the practical problem (TEAM workshop problem 21, model B).

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