Evaluation of low energy X-ray depth dose distribution by gafchromic film for dosimetry in food irradiation

  • Ngoc Hoang Van
  • Huy Viet Le
  • Son An Nguyen
  • Kume Tamikazu

Tóm tắt

Introduction: Dosimetry is of crucial importance in radiation processing of food. Among others, plastic film has been widely used for dosimetry in radiation therapy since its density is quite similar to the equivalent biological materials. In this study, the depth dose distribution was estimated by using gafchromic film for the purpose of dosimetry in food irradiation.

Experimental: The HD-V2 gafchromic dosimetry film was employed to measure the interested dose instead of ion chamber. A stack of 19 PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) sheets interleaved with 20 pieces of gafchromic film was made. The phantom was applied in the low energy X-ray beams (maximum 100 keV) to obtain the depth dose profile.

Results: A significant correlation between absorbed doses (D) and color level or optical density (O.D.) of irradiated dosimetry films was observed. The fitting function has the form of O.D = a + b D−c , where a, b, c are the parameters to be fitted. The depth dose distribution in the 30 mm thickness phantom was inferred from the calibration.

Conclusion: The present method and the depth dose profile to be obtained are very meaningful in the processing of foodstuffs by radiation

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