Secretory expression of the recombinant FGF-2 protein in Pichia pastoris carrying multiple copies of target gene

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  • Nghĩa Hiếu Nguyễn
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Tóm tắt

Introduction: Fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) is a multifunctional protein that plays an important role in the regulation of proliferation, differentiation and migration of a variety of cells. The recombinant human FGF-2 (rhFGF-2) is currently used in stem cell culture, medicine and cosmetic products. In this study, we aim to produce secreted rhFGF-2 protein from a Pichia pastoris strain containing multiple copies of the fgf-2 gene to eliminate the disadvantages of intracellular expression systems.

Methods: The recombinant Pichia pastoris carrying the fgf-2 gene was cloned by using homologous cloning method. The recombinant strains were screened by PCR reactions using specific primers for the target gene and the AOX1 promoter sequence. Moreover, the copy number of the fgf-2 gene inserted into the P. pastoris genome was identified by semi-quantitative PCR method. The secreted rhFGF-2 protein was collected in the induced BMMY medium at a final methanol concentration of 0.5%, and purified by one-step heparin affinity chromatography. The quantity and biological activity of the purified protein were determined by competitive ELISA method and MTT assay on NIH-3T3 cell line, respectively.

Results: Various recombinant P. pastoris clones carrying different copy numbers of the fgf-2 gene were obtained and categorized into 3 groups: the low copy strains (4-5 copies), medium copy strains (8-11 copies), and high copy strains (more than 20 copies). Among those strains, the 4-copy one produced the rhFGF-2 protein at the highest expression level. After purification, the purity of rhFGF-2 protein reached 98.8%, and the recovery yield was 179.2 µg of protein from 200 mL of flask culture (equivalent to 850 µg/L). The purified rhFGF-2 protein showed similar biological activity on NIH-3T3 cell line with the commercial
FGF-2 protein.

Conclusion: The recombinant FGF-2 protein was successfully secretory expressed from Pichia pastoris, and successfully purified by only one-step chromatography.

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