Community’s Participation in Physical Contribution to Development of Rural Traffic Infrasutructure in Dong Nai Province

  • Nguyễn Xuân Quyết
  • Phạm Thị Mỹ Dung


     Dong Nai is a southeast province of Vietnam. For rural development, the rural traffic infrastructure is of primary priority but in Dong Nai at present the cemented/concrete proportion of rural trafic system accounts for 51.8% only. The large investment demand and limited state resource for rural trafic infrastructure dictates contribution from community. This research aimed to to analyze the current situation and to suggest solutions to promote participation of community in physical contribution for development of Dong Nai Rural traffic infrastructure. Surveyed information of 438 households in 4 districts showed that: (i) physical contribution is popular in communities, especially contribution of labour (99.3% of households), followed by money (85.8%), land (78.0%) and materials (64.4%); (ii) Factors influencing physical contribution include participatory organization, authority leaders, contribution mechanism, households economics, income sources, revenue from agriculture, educational level and gender of household heads, social relationship, and household benefit from Rural traffic infrastructure; (iii) solutions suggested include establishment of suitable participatory model and mechanism, offering training to community and community representatives, propaganda and mobilization for physical contribution and support for economic development of community and community members.

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