Promote sustainable agriculture in Vietnam: Recommendations for solutions from the perspective of economic management

  • Nguyễn Thị Ánh


On the basis of our thinking, the way of agricultural development of the Party, in relation to the context of the regional and world situation, in view of the trend of sustainable development, Highlights the achievements and limitations, weaknesses of Vietnam's agricultural development process; At the same time, we also recognize opportunities and challenges in the current situation and current trends in international integration: joining an ASEAN Community, signing and implementing free trade agreements (FTAs), signing And joined the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP) Agreement .... From that point of writing, the article recommends some solutions in terms of economic management in order to bring into full play its potential, To promote sustainable agricultural development and international integration more and more extensive and effective: management solutions such as planning issues, support the connection to expand the market; Solution on information and propaganda work; On policy;
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