An Overview of Socio-History through Church of three Significant Protestant Christian Denominations Officially Recognised by the Vietnamese Government Committee of Religious Affairs in the Early of the 21st Century

  • Wong Ai Khim


In the history of Vietnam, religion served both to integrate the Vietnamese people into a cohesive society and to reinforce its’ importance of embracing one’s religion, including Protestant Christianity in Vietnam. This study concentrated on the socio-history through church movement of a few significant Protestant Christian denominations that have been officially recognised by the Vietnamese Government Committee of Religious Affairs (GCRA) in the early millennium period. The Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Vietnam, Vietnam Mennonite Church and Vietnam Baptist Convention (Grace-Southern) were among the eleven Protestant Christian denominations which have been selected specifically for this study. Interviews, collecting information through designed questionnaires, conference papers and reliable published works were rationale methods in assisting this study. Instability and uncertainties due to foreign colonisations, internal revolutions and war torn in the late 19th century had lost the “period of time” in documenting the chronicle history of Protestant Christianity in Vietnam. It is essential to conserve the different period embarks on socio-history through church movement individually as they are the intangible heritage in the history of Vietnam today.

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Wong Ai Khim
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