How technology help in diagnosis and monitor progress and understanding of mental wellbeing: initial results in the department of adolescent health, National Pediatric Hospital, Vietnam

  • Thi Lê Minh
  • Vinh Ngo Anh

Tóm tắt

Telehealth technology model has been applied for health care services in Vietnam during the COVID-19 pandemic. To actively overcome the difficulty of accessibility of patients, the National Children’s Hospital equipped the telehealth system to support remote diagnosis, treatment and monitor patients. This paper is to describe the initial results of applying telehealth in supporting health workers in diagnosis and treatment of common mental disorders in the Department of Adolescent health of the National Children’s hospital from June to October, 2021. The telehealth systems offer valuable support to doctors' activities by streamlining and facilitating their work. Telehealth was demonstrated to be feasible, and effective in diagnosis and treatment common mental health disorders among adolescents in Vietnam. The COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated the acceleration and enhancement of telehealth in Vietnam. The lessons learn of telehealth in diagnosis and treatment of common mental health disorders among adolescents may be a useful reference for other departments of the hospital as well as other clinical settings.


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