Efficiency deterioration of CANDU NPPs due to changes in condenser coolant characteristics

  • Said M.A. Ibrahim
  • Ismail M.A. Aggour
Từ khóa: CANDU NPP, Condenser, Temperature, Fouling, Salinity, Efficiency

Tóm tắt

    This research investigates the harmful effects of changes in condenser seawater coolant temperature, fouling, and salinity, on the thermal performance of an existed CANDU nuclear power plant (NPP). A mathematical model is developed to relate seawater cooling temperature, fouling, and salinity to the output power and thermal efficiency of the plant. The model also elaborates the impact of the condenser performance on power and efficiency. The thermal efficiency of the considered CANDU NPP is reduced by 2.24%, for combined extreme increases in the condenser cooling seawater temperature, fouling factor of seawater and treated boiler feed water, and salinity of 10 °C, 0.0002, 0.00001 m2K/W, and 100 g/kg, respectively. A rise in the condenser efficiency from 40 - 100 % increases the output power by 7.0136 % of the plant, and the thermal efficiency increases by about 2.34 %.

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