Using team-based learning for post-graduate training: challenges and solutions

  • Luan Nhat Au
  • My Thi Ngoc Do
  • Hien Dang Phuoc Nguyen

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Available evidence demonstrates that team-based learning (TBL) enhances teacher-learner interactions, solves cognitive gaps, connects concepts, and builds critical thinking. Nowadays, TBL has become a popular approach in undergraduate training (UGT). Surprisingly, only a few institutions implemented TBL into their post-graduate training (PGT) programs. UGT and PGT differ in their educational ecosystem, learning goals, and learner characteristics. Attempting to use TBL in PGT (TBL-PGT) requires adaptations to these differences. There are few conducted studies on TBL-PGT. Most discuss the possibility of using TBL in specific courses and do not discuss technical issues. We also experience challenges during our experiential TBL-PGT course. This paper aims to clarify TBL-PGT characteristics, identify potential challenges and discuss suitable solutions.


We search papers on TBL-PGT, identify technical issues and discuss potential solutions.


To date, no systematic use of TBL in any post-graduate programs. All TBL-PGT attempts were experiential. The authors agreed that TBL could be part of the PGT program and that implementing TBL-PGT requires suitable adaptations. Experiences from experiential TBL-PGT affirm the crucial role of adapting course design to the particular PGT educational ecosystem, the complexity of knowledge, and the ability to link new concepts to real-life activities.We identify factors that might influence the TBL-PGT program outcomes, which include involving experts, enhancing learner accountability, building teams, determining educational goals, configuring assessments, preparing learning material, formulating authentic applications, training facilitators, and organizing in-class activities.


TBL is suitable for PGT. It promotes certain advantages. However, curriculum developers should consider adaptations while implementing TBL-PGT.

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