The trend of erosion and accretion of the western coast of the Mekong Delta, the section from Ca Mau Cape to Kien Giang

  • Duyen Chau My Nguyen
  • Vy Huynh Thuy Duong
  • Long Ta Bui

Tóm tắt

Natural processes and human-caused activities, including coastal erosion, constantly threaten coastal areas. This phenomenon is dangerous because the permanent loss of land leads to the transformation of the coast. In recent years, coastal erosion has become increasingly complicated in the Mekong Delta, especially in the western coastal area of Cape Ca Mau. This study aims to provide updated results of the changing trend of accretion/erosion of the coastline from Cape Ca Mau to Kien Giang in 2021-2023. Specifically, the rate and area of erosion/accretion considered. Remote sensing and GIS tools are used. As a result, in Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau, the erosion rate is 55.66 m/year, and the erosion area is 47.21 hectares, ranking highest compared to other districts in the same study area. The results also show that the Kien Giang coastal area has a more moderate erosion process than the accretion process. In contrast, on the coast of the Ca Mau Cape area, the erosion and accretion process are complexly interwoven, especially in the Dat Alluvial Plains area Cape - Ngoc Hien (Ca Mau).

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