Influences of clay and dopping anion on corrosion protection of polypyrrole clay nanocomposites.

  • Vũ Quốc Trung
  • Nghiêm Thị Thương
  • Phạm Văn Hoan
  • Dương Quang Phùng
  • Lê Xuân Quế


In this paper, the nanocomposites of polypyrrole and clay were prepared by chemical polymerization. The polypyrole was doped by corrosion inhibiting molypdate anion. The nanocomposite powder was dispered in PVA matrixes in order to study the influences of both dapping anion and clay on corrosion of steel CTS. Results of the measurements of open circuit potential, polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy showed that in the presence of clay and/or molipdate anion the coatings containing polypyrrole obviously improved the corrosion protection for steel in comparison with the cases of that consisting no dapping anion and/or no clay.

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Lê Xuân Quế

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