Removal of metals from aqueous solution by regime of continuous flow sorption process

  • Nguyễn Văn Nội
  • Chu Thị Thu Hiền


Gracilaria used as a sorbent was cross-linked with glutaraldebit. The equilibrium sorption uptake of two metal ions (Cr3+, Ni2+) on the sorbent was investigated by using Langmuir sorption model during the batch contact process. The maximum uptake (qmax) was 0.16 mmol/g (8.40 mg/g) and 0.14 mmol/g (8.46 mg/g) for chromium and nickel, respectively. Beside this, the removal of those metals fi'om aqueous solution at pH = 4.0 was investigated under regime of continuous fiow sorption process. For desorption and assessment of the amount of adsorbed metals, the solution of sulfuric acid was used. Of course, the sorbent regeneration was investigated via reuse of the sorbent again.

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