The role of the compatibilizer TH1 with an appropriate molecular weight for some blends based on natural rubber.

  • Ngô Kế Thế
  • Đỗ Quang Kháng
  • Trần Vĩnh Diệu


Thanks to the structure properties, liquid natural rubber (LNR) was used by several authors as compatibilizer for polymer blends based on the natural rubber. This paper gave an orerview about the influence of the compatibilizer TH1 - LNR with the end OH-groups on the morphology and properties of the research blend systems. The research results showed that TH1 with the molecular weight of 8.500 had the best compatible effect for the blends NR/PE, NR/SBR and NR/NBR. This compatibilizer TH1 was good for the blends the components of which had the little polarity difference like NR/SBR. The phase morphology showed a good component dispersion. The mechanical and technical properties of the polymer blends were significantly improved by using this compatibilizer


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