Study on effect of heat treatment on structure and properties of polypropylene grafted maleic anhydride-nanoclay composites (PPMA/NC). Part I - Effect of heat treatment on structure of PPMA/NC.

  • Bùi Chương
  • Đặng Việt Hưng


In this study, the samples of PPMA/NC were hear treated witn various cooling rate. The results of XRD analysis show. that rhe material was cooled with the lower rare, the formation of exfoliated structure become more favorable. However, cooling rate does nor effect on microcrystalline structure of material in whole. It may effect only on crystallization degree. Beside. DSC results show the crystalline structure of PPMA/NC is less perfect in comparison with that of PP-g-MA. that is expressed in lower melting temperature of PPMA/NC.

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