Wen Fang MaoGender and Migration: Theoretical Approaches and Practical Issues

  • Đặng Nguyên Anh
Từ khóa: Gender, migration, women, theory, policy, Vietnam.

Tóm tắt

Conventional migration theories have, so far, largely ignored a gender perspective or treated gender as a variable in the analysis of migration, despite the growing number of female migrants worldwide. This paper addresses the neglected relationship between gender and migration in migration theories and policies. It examines the gender dimension in migration decision-making with reference to Vietnam’s situation. The analysis reveals that integrating the gender perspective into theories on migration will help better understand the complex nature of migration. It is important to take into account gender as part and parcel of a broader migratory process. In Vietnam, women empower themselves through labor force participation and gender equity ideology. Their representation among international labor migrants is significantly increasing. The migration of Vietnamese women, both internally and internationally, is increasingly influenced by gender-segregated labor markets, a trend accentuated by the country’s rapid process of renovation and international integration. As the gender-based approach is not captured in current migration policies and programs, effective measures must be designed to reduce the vulnerabilities of female migrants. In this regard, gender-disaggregated data and more research on gender and migration are extremely needed to reflect the current situation and forecast potential gender impacts at various levels.

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