Circular Economy Models in Agriculture in Vietnam

  • Triệu Thanh Quang
Từ khóa: Circular economy, circular agriculture, sustainable agricultural development.

Tóm tắt

While the term “circular economy” is relatively new in Vietnam, the principles of this economic model have long been embedded in traditional agricultural practices. Recently, these economic models have experienced significant growth. This research involves a comprehensive review of circular agriculture research and an analysis of various models within Vietnam at different levels. The study categorizes circular economy models in the agricultural sector in Vietnam into four basic groups: reduction model, waste recycling model, ecological chain model, and zero waste design model. Through an exploration of these models, the study identifies eight main features of circular economy models in Vietnam’s agriculture, such as a substantial surge, utilization of agricultural by-products, waste, and leftovers, prevalence in rural areas, focus on small-scale production models, leadership by big companies, and a shift from merely seeking cost savings to a more market-oriented approach. The study also proposes principles for transitioning to an agricultural circular economy from a linear economy and developing new agricultural circular economy practices in Vietnam.

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