Testing the Performance of Vietnamese Expats Learning Vietnamese Language on Digital Platforms

  • Lương Thị Hiền
Từ khóa: Assessment, performance of using Vietnamese, Vietnamese expats, item bank, digital platform.

Tóm tắt

The article presents the construction principles, processes, and methods for building a system of exercises to assess the performance of Vietnamese expat students learning Vietnamese on a digital platform. The principles include ensuring consistency between objectives, methods, and forms of assessment; maintaining a balance among the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing; and focusing on the content of phonetics, vocabulary, and grammar, tailored to each skill level (Bailey, 1998). The language used in assessment tests should be in line with real-life language and local culture, and there should be high interactivity between the digital item bank system and learners. The process of building a system of assessment exercises on a digital platform involves several stages, which include program analysis, assessment framework design, item bank creation, integration of the item bank into the digital platform, and testing, evaluating, and refining the system. The process of creating digital format exercises follows five steps: setting assessment goals, choosing the assignment format and assessment content, determining difficulty levels and score scales, drafting the exercises, and finally, reviewing, editing, testing, and making necessary adjustments to the drafts.

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