Method of Talent Selection in the Lê – Trịnh Regime from the 16th-18th Centuries

  • Hoàng Anh Tuấn
  • Lê Thuỳ Linh
Từ khóa: Selection, talent, Lê - Trịnh regime, examination, 16th-18th centuries.

Tóm tắt

During the Lê - Trịnh regime, the talent selection was paid special attention by the State in order to build a stable political system, develop the country’s potential to be able to compete with the Kingdom of Cochinchina of the Nguyễn Lords. The method of talent selection in this period included the following forms of examination: nhiệm tử (descendants of mandarins were ordained), bảo cử (nomination) and tiến cử (recommendation). On the basis of scientific sources, the article focuses on analyzing the forms of selection, pointing out the positive and non-positive aspects of each method. The diversified system of talent selection helped to boost the country for a long time. However, the court implemented a number of rules which negatively affected the selection of talents, notably the payment of money or grain for mandarinate position. The article also assesses an overview of the role and effect of talent selection methods on the state apparatus of the Lê - Trịnh regime.

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