Designing a set of criteria to evaluate the sustainable development of ocean economy - research in Danang city

  • Huỳnh Thị Hồng Hạnh
  • Ông Nguyên Chương
Keywords: Set of criteria, ocean economy, sustainable development, Danang.


As one of the 28 coastal localities in Vietnam, Danang has identified sustainable development of its ocean economy as one of the city's strategic objectives towards 2030 and vision towards 2045. Based on a theoretical approach to the blue economy and local practices, this study proposes a set of indicators to systematically and comprehensively evaluate the extent to which the ocean-based economic sectors of Danang meet the requirements for sustainable development. The proposed set of criteria includes 81 indicators, divided into 5 groups: (1) Ocean economy promotes economic growth; (2) Ocean economy promotes social progress and reduces inequality; (3) Developing high-quality science, technology, and marine human resources to meet advanced international standards; (4) Conserving and sustainably exploiting marine resources, adapting to climate change and sea-level rise; and (5) Sustainable management of marine resources.

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