Environmental factors of utilizing steel slag as building materials and backfill materials

  • Thi Song Le
  • Tuan Anh Le
  • Tu Mai Cao
  • Cao Chien Le
  • Thi Tam Nguyen

Tóm tắt

This study aims to present about national and international regulations, standards reletated to environment parameters when using steel slag as building materials and backfill materials. As a part of this research, environmetal tests were undertaken to determine the hazardous components, natural radioactivity and potential of leaching heavy metals of steel slag samples. The laboratory test results shown that steel slag is classified as a non-hazardous industrial waste. In terms of natural radioactivity, steel slags were found to pose no environmetal risks for use as building materials and backfill material. Although trace amount of heavy metals was found in steel slag components, leachable heavy metals analysis implied the low possibility of leaching issue for steel slag applications. To give out a comprehensive conclusion on the environment impact of the use of steel slag, further environmental tests under actual conditions need to be performed. However, this initial laboratory test results demonstrated that steel slags have a great potential for use as building materials and backfill material without environmetal risks surrounding the area of use.

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