An estimation of bamboo borer biomass in Son La province, Northwestern Vietnam and remarks on its parasitic characteristic

  • Phạm Quỳnh Mai


The population of Vietnam has been rapidly increased and would reach 100 million people in the near future It is very likely that the soiưces of traditional food are insufficient to the whole popul^ion. Therefore, a study for sustainable usage of insects as a supplemental food for human in the ftifure is dearly required. In fact. larvae of bamboo borer, Omphisa fuscidentalis has been used as a kind of foods by local people m mountainous provinces in northern Vietnam It also appears as a trade product in local markets. This paper presents the results of recent studies on the infested rales of bamboo borer larvae from different bamboo species. An assessment of Its parasitic characteristics and an estimation of biomass in Son La province are also given in this paper.


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