Effect of molecular structure of pophyrins on their semiconducting properties

  • Hoàng Mai Hà
  • Phan Đình Long
  • Ngô Trịnh Tùng


In this word, we report on tlie fabrication of organic field-effect transistors (OFRTs) using solution processable semiconducting porphyrins 4TBPZ and 2TBPZ. The eflect of semiconductor crystal structure on the performance of OFE I s was investigated These single­crystal devices were revealed to exhibit good performance with a maximum carrier mobility for hole of 0.40 cm- V' s ' and high current on/off ratios. The present work, representing our continuous efforts in understanding the relationship between molecular structure costal packing, and OFET perfomiance of semiconducting porphyrins, will be expected to conmbutc to the design of new porphyrin derivatives for electronic/optoelectronic applications

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