Thailand’s national research and innovation system reform: the priority towards sustainability

  • Santi Charoenpornpattana
  • Siriporn Pittayasophon
Từ khóa: Research and Innovation System, Policy Deployment, Bio-economy, Circular economy, Green economy, Thailand

Tóm tắt

This paper outlines Thailand’s national research and innovation system reform during 2018-2019 and its priority setting framework toward sustainability goals. Considering public sector’s governance, budget system reflects the power structure, history and socioeconomic background of a state.

To accelerate national technological development from government R&D spending, there has been a serious need for institutional reforms, especially in budget process. A recent reform in Thailand’s research and innovation system was undertaken during 2018-2019. The Science, Research & Innovation Promotion Fund was established as an important policy deployment tool. In this article, we analyze and assess Thailand’s recent R&I reform as well as its emerging reorientation in budget and funding system. This paper also illustrates Thailand’s policy direction toward “Bio economy, Circular economy, and Green economy” or in short “BCG”, as the national priority. The BCG policy is a good example of government efforts in realigning budget and funding system, after the reform, towards the national priority.

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