Some issues about initial initiatives, initiative activities and mechanism promoting individual publishing and sharing initiatives with the community

  • Khong Quoc Minh
  • Hoang Anh
  • Pham Van Hong
Từ khóa: Initiative, Innovation, Initiative activities, Innovation activities, Initiative publication, Innovation publication, Initiative sharing, Innovation sharing

Tóm tắt

Similar to other intellectual property, the nature of initiatives is intangible and knowledge-informative which is the same with the characteristics of intellectual property, at the same time, many actors can use the same initiative without possessing behavior. Along with the diversity, dispersion, informality, and characteristics of “user-innovation”, the initiatives are restricted from publishing and sharing, and the creators are restricted from creating new ones. This issue requires that there should be many separate mechanisms for encouraging announcement, sharing of initiatives, application of initiatives, investment in creating innovations. In order to design this own mechanism, it is firstly necessary to systematically consider and evaluate the issues related to initiatives and initiative activities, in order to adjust and perfect mechanisms and policies to encourage publication and share information about initiatives with the community.

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