Interaction between a complex fluid flow and a rotating cylinder

  • Cuong Mai Bui
  • Thinh Xuan Ho*
Từ khóa: Bingham, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), non-Newtonian fluid, thixotropy, yield stress.

Tóm tắt

The flow of a thixotropic Bingham material past a rotating cylinder is studied under a wide range of Reynolds and Bingham numbers, thixotropic parameters, and rotational speeds. A microstructure transition of the material involving breakdown and recovery processes is modeled using a kinetic equation, and the BinghamPapanastasiou model is employed to represent shear stress-strain rate relations...


Cuong Mai Bui

University of Technology and Education, The University of Danang

Thinh Xuan Ho*

Department of Computational Engineering, Vietnamese - German University

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