Smart manufacturing readiness in Vietnam: An assessment survey and policy implications

  • Van Thanh Nguyen
  • Minh Hiep Ha*
Từ khóa: industry 4.0’s policy, smart manufacturing readiness, SMEs performance analysis, Vietnam’s digital readiness

Tóm tắt

This is an overview study of specific policies and implementation actions on smart manufacturing (SM) in Vietnam. SM is an important trend in the world, especially in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). However, for a developing country like Vietnam, the right policy can help small and medium enterprises by providing a roadmap to transformation on a digital stage and according to their resources...

Tác giả

Van Thanh Nguyen

Vice Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council for 2016-2021

Minh Hiep Ha*

Deputy Director General of the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality

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