Teachers’ awareness of happy schools with UNESCO items: A case study of a primary school in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Nam-Phuong Nguyen*, Van-Thang Le, Huong-Giang Nguyen
  • Thi Thanh-Hang Nguyen
Từ khóa: awareness, Hanoi, happy schools, primary school teachers, UNESCO items

Tóm tắt

This article provides the practice of primary teachers’ awareness of happy schools through a survey questionnaire based on 22 items from the UNESCO criteria on happy schools. Their opinions were shared after a number of workshop activities that teach the practice of happy schools in Quan Hoa primary school, Cau Giay district, Hanoi...

Tác giả

Nam-Phuong Nguyen*, Van-Thang Le, Huong-Giang Nguyen

Hanoi National University of Education

Thi Thanh-Hang Nguyen

Quan Hoa Primary School, Hanoi

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