An analysis of the Vietnamese semantemes

  • Lê Đức Luận


For years, the definition of the semantemes of the word h as not attracted much attention from both  Vietnamese and international linguists. For the Vietnamese, there are some pioneering research about semantemes by Nguyen Huu Quynh, Vo Binh, Đo  Huu Chau, Nguyen Đuc Ton, Le Đinh Tu…We found that phonemes do not only function to distinguish the meanings among words but are themselves meaning carriers.. The semantemes are not only reflected in the combination of phonemes but also in the single phonemes. The vowel is often is main sound in syllables which carries more meanings. Depending on their constitutive roles in syllables and language usages that phonemes may have meanings or fuzzy meanings. Just as words, the phonemes also have homonyms and synonyms due to the process of sound transition

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