Phono-Logocentrism of the West and Da Dao Wu Yan of China (Lao-Zhuang and Derrida: Some thoughts of Deconstruction Philosophy and Linguistics)............

  • Lê Thời Tân


J. Derrida starts deconstruction with the conception of Phono-Logocentrism  in the Western culture by replacing a letter E in the word DIFFERENCE by a letter A to create a new ‘word’ DIFFERANCE, which  can be so written, but cannot be  heard and cannot be apprehe nded in speech . In our opinion, Deconstructionism still

considers the highest phono -logos in speechas the last limit. This is not true to  LaoZhuang of China. They seem to have  surpassed that limit to enter the metalinguistic origin named “Dao/Way”. It is  known  that Dao is indefinite, it goes beyond the so -called “in the beginning was the Word”. When we compare Lao- Zhuang with Derrida, it is time for us to raise a question:  Amid  the speechless World, what ‘differences’ between the East and the West does Deconstructionism find?


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