Cặp thoại in the teaching conversations in Vietnamese (A case study of lower high school teaching conversations)

  • Nguyễn Thị Hồng Ngân


Cap thoai is an important unit of the conversation structure. It is the smallestunit which reflects the interactive relationship between the speaker and the listener. In Vietnamese linguistics, cap thoai could be used to reflect two different theories: either as an adjacency pair or as an exchange. In teaching conversations, the use of  cặp thoại as an adjacency pair will show the close relationship between the two moves and the use of cap thoai as an exchange will show the close relationship between the moves inside and outside of cap thoai. The anaysis of data shows that a teaching exchange is a conversation unit which is composed of at least twomoves. This means that it can coincides with one or more adjacent pairs. Teaching conversations may have many different types of exchanges but the three moves exchangeis the most typical.


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