The exchange structures and the power factor in the Vietnamese courtroom interaction

  • Lương Thị Hiền


From the points of view of British discourse analysis, the characteristics of power through seven exchange structures belonging to three groups in Vietnamese courtroom discourse are studied: (i) in the structures of the I,  I-R, I-Ib-Ir-R and I-R-Ir-Rr which express an irreversibl e and direct power;(ii) in the three-step structure I- R- F which shows the power associated with the solidarity; (iii) in the four stepstructure I-R-F/Ib- R which indicates the power of the truth. The i nitial  movesin the exchange structures belong exclusively to participants who hold judicial power. The three-step I - R- Fframework of the British discourse analysis in this case is slightly narrow, but still can be applied in a flexible way to draw essential instructions of structural patterns and power for this specific interaction.

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