On the scripts and meanings of Thìn 辰, Long 龍 and Rồng

  • Đinh Văn Tuấn


Appearing in the oracle bone inscriptions from the  Shang Dynasty (17th to 11th cent. BC), the Terrestrial Branch THÌN (chen) at first referred to a time period instead of a name for dragons. Dragon figure discovered by Chinese archaeologists was dated from around 6,000 years ago. From the HanDynasty (206 BCE-220 CE), a system of twelve animals corresponding to the twelve Terrestrial Branches (dizhi) hasbeen formed and used till now and the Terrestrial Branch THÌN (chen) meansdragons symbolically. There are noproofs from Vietnamese archaeology, documents, language, etc. which show that the traditional calendar of twelve animals and the trace of dragons existedin Vietnam in the ancient times. Since the domination of Han Dynasty in Vietnam, the traditional Chinese calendar system

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