Mother tongue education in primary schools in Dak Lak and the attitudes of Ede students

  • Đoàn Văn Phúc


Dac Lac is a province which has the largest number of Ede people in Vietnam as well the most successful mother tongue education movement for ethnic minority people in the Central Highlands. In the last 30 years, the teaching of mother tongues for ethnic minority pupils  not always been successful but has growth in both quality and quantity of pupils,classes, schools, where the education takes place, team of teachers and infrastructure.The success is due to the determination of the whole education system of the province, of Ede pupils’ attitudes as well as supports of their parents. In order to improve the movement, we need to increase the number of pupils learning their mother tongue in primary schools,to ensure the sufficiency of classrooms for whole day classes as well as to improve policy for teachers, managers and textbook compilers.
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