Requirements in using Sino-Vietnamese words in the state management documents

  • Đỗ Thị Thanh Nga


Sino-Vietnamese words are ones that h ave  their static  properties, meaning and structural stability, indicating general concepts and bringing the courteous, solemn colors. They are, therefore, given priority to using in the state management documents. The efficiency in which the  Sino-Vietnamese words brought about the State management documents are to create, solemn, objective, accurate, concise texts  in accordance with   the requirements

of the management. That the use of Sino-Vietnamese words lack of standard leads to the denotation of the content of documents lack their precision. This article has given some suggestions on the use of the SinoVietnamese words in the documents with an aim to contribute to improving the quality and effectiveness of  composing state management  documents in terms of the language aspects.

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