- A preliminary study of the genre structure and linguistic features of English economic journals

  • Nguyễn Thụy Phương Lan


Understanding English economic journals is a challenge to readers both with good Englishbut without an economics background or those with economics

background but not having good English. This paper investigates the genre structure and major linguistics features of English Economic journals. To carry out the study, we chose randomly 15 articles from English economics Journals such as  Journal of Economics Studies, American Journals of Small Business Management, Journal of Center for International Private Enterprise. The findings show that all the selected articles have a typical genre structure with four distinctive parts which are Abstract, Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Each part is divided into smaller sections with their specifics features and functions. It is hoped that the study would provide interested readers with an overall view of the structure of the articles, which  could facilitate the understanding of economic research papers.

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