Urban Culture and Urban Cultural Space

  • Si Quy Ho

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The twenty-first century is considered the urban century. As a matter of fact, cities play an important role in history in general and in cultural history in particular. Performing as special organizational form of spaces, cities become administrative, political, cultural or economic centers. Urban people with urban culture and civilization attached to these centers is both the result of urban life and the cause of the unique urban appearance. The concept of cultural space is an extension of Lefebvre’s concept of social space. In a broad sense, cultural space is considered as one of development forms of culture, including institutions for cultural activities and creations, sociocultural networks, and cultural services, etc. As for today’s cultural space, people often pay more attention to specifi c cultural spaces that are designed and created by particular actors with defined economic and social goals.
(Received 30 July 2020; published 5 December 2020)


Si Quy Ho

Prof., PhD, Institute of Social Sciences Information, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

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